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Computer Repair

Does your computer not power up? Does it randomly lock up or crash?  Is it just not running as well as it once did? Before you purchase a new computer, you should consider if there is a less expensive and simpler solution.  Bring your computer to PCMD Plus and our certified technicians will thoroughly diagnose the problems and then provide you with an estimate for repair options. Your computer will be professionally repaired and will run as well or better than it did when it was new.

Virus / Spyware / Adware Removal

Are you getting pop-ups on your computer warning you that you may be infected with a virus? Does it seem as though the “anti-virus” program is exactly what is blocking you from the work you need to do? Or is your computer running much slower than it used to be? These are signs that your computer is infected with a virus or worm, or is loaded with spyware and adware. These programs, cumulatively called “malware’, have the potential of sending your personal information to cyber-criminals, compromising your passwords, credit card accounts, bank accounts, and your identity.  It is critical to get your computer clean and keep it that way.  PCMD Plus provides professional malware removal and protection services. Let us clean and protect your computer and get it running like new.

Data Recovery / Data Transfer

Has your computer crashed and now you can’t get to all of your important information?  Are you afraid that those irreplaceable pictures or documents are lost forever?  We can help. PCMD Plus has the tools and our technicians have the skills to recover data from most computer crashes.  We will recover your files and transfer them to CD, DVD, flash drive, external hard drive, or other media of your choice, for easy restoration to another computer.  We can even transfer them to your new computer for you.
There is no need to call for an appointment.  If you have a desktop computer, bring just the computer tower.  You do not need to bring the monitor, keyboard, mouse or any cables.  If you have a notebook computer, you will need to bring the power adapter.

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