In Home Service


New PC / Laptop / Printer / Software Setup & Configuration

PCMD Plus offers home computer set up services which is more comprehensive and much lower priced than the big box stores. We will setup your new computer, monitor, mouse, speakers, printer and any other peripheral devices. We will connect your computer to your Internet connection and insure that your computer is protected with appropriate anti virus and anti malware tools. You will know that your new computer and software is set up and working properly because it was set up by a certified professional.

Home Networking / Wireless

Would you like to share your Internet connection with multiple computers? Imagine the added convenience of being able to share files and printers between computers.  You can use your laptop anywhere in your home with a wireless network (WiFi).  Already have a wireless network?  Is it secured or can it be accessed by your neighbors or passersby?  PCMD Plus can set up a new network or secure your existing network for surprisingly little cost.

Online Child Safety

In today’s connected world even skilled adults on the computer can accidentally run across adult sites. If you own a computer and have children or teenagers in your home, then Internet filtering software is something you should consider. We can help you get a solution in place that will protect your kids from these influences; also we can put in place software to monitor activity on your computer.

Computer Repair

If you are unable, or prefer not to go through the effort of unplugging everything from your computer and bringing it to our facility for repairs, we can come to you. Although most problems can be successfully resolved on site, some major hardware repairs or malware removal may require in shop services.  If it is determined that the computer must be picked up, we will carefully transport your computer to and from our repair facility and then reinstall it after the repairs are completed.

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